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Our parish is named after St. Basil the Great (330-379). A natural leader and organizer; he spoke and wrote against heresies (namely, Arianism) founded hospitals, orphanages, welfare agencies; revised and updated the Divine Liturgy; and founded cenobitic (community-oriented) monasteries. Saint Basil is one of the famous Cappadocian Fathers (together with St. Gregory of Nyssa; his younger brother and St. Gregory of Nazianzus the Theologian; his close friend). The Cappadocian Fathers, along with St. Athanasius the Great, laid the pattern for formulating the doctrines related to the mystery of the Holy Trinity. St. Basil the Great, along with St. Gregory of Nazianzus (the Theologian) and St. John Chrysostom are called the Three Hieararchs.

As an Orthodox Christian community, our parish strives to live according to the Eastern Orthodox faith and tradition, sanctifying the faithful through the divine liturgy and the holy sacraments and edifying the religious and ethical life of the faithful in accordance with the holy scriptures, the decrees and canons of the holy apostles and the seven ecumenical councils of the Ancient Undivided Christian Church, as interpreted by the Patriarchal Throne of Constantinople, whose head is Christ.

                                                                               Fr. Peter Day, February 2010
Our community is under the jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. It falls within the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Boston, whose Presiding Hierarch is Metropolitan Methodios. Currently, Sunday services at St. Vasilios will be graciously served by a Priest sent by the Methodios.

The majority of our parishioners live within a 45-mile radius of Newport. For more information about membership, please see Stewardship.

Parish Council Members with Fr. Peter, 2010



 Fr Anastasios Majdalani, Served from Nov 2007-Jan 2010






Parish Council Officers & Board Members, 2003

Parish Council Officers & Board Members with Father James Katinas, 2006

 Father James Katinas, Served St. Vasilios from 1998-2006

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